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If you've ever said...


Our culture of kids’ meals and convenience has made it HARD for parents to make healthy foods the norm in their families...but you don't have to hate dinnertime.

Katie Kimball believes...
  • kids can be great eaters
  • dinner tables don't have to be stressful

Let’s make a difference at YOUR family dinner table with a strategy-filled challenge so that you feel empowered to serve healthy food without stress.

5 Days

Five Days

20 Minutes a Day

Twenty Minutes a Day

One Simple Change Each Day

One Simple Change Each Day


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Join a community of other parents with the same struggles.

Katie Kimball, kids cooking teacher

I'm a:

  • mom of four great eaters (but it hasn't always been that way!)
  • former elementary educator
  • kids cooking teacher

I'll take you on a journey through the 5 most important habits your household needs to redefine how your kids interact with food.

These simple strategies have been used by 1000s of parents, and the results are FAST!

Redefine Picky Eating Challenge


After employing ONE strategy, Vanessa said:

The [first rule] had brilliant results on its own - oldest child actually now saying she was hungry and sticking around to eat more!

— Vanessa from the UK

Vanessa's kids

We bring the veggies like you won't believe!

Now my kids are actually hungry at meals! Food is finally disappearing instead of going in the trash. Thank you!


Rachelle was rewarded for her consistency:

Kids are eating their veggies!

The difference is definitely huge! My sensory-sensitive and aggressively-anxious 9yo whose foods don't even touch the same area of her plate has gone from barely eating supper - and especially protein - to saying things like, "I'm going to try something new..." 

— Rachelle

If you're tired of saying,
"I just want my kids to eat what I make,"
you need this challenge!

I Promise:

By the end of 5 days, if you hang in there with me for no more than 20 minutes a day, I guarantee you will NOT ever hear yourself say that phrase again.

We’re going to redefine how you think about dinnertime, how your kids interact with food, and ultimately banish “picky eating” from your household forever.

Katie Kimball

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Prizes for Participating!

Prizes for Participating in the Challenge!
Prizes for Participating in the Challenge!

You can win over $3500 in prizes just for showing up, doing the homework, and committing to taking one small action each day. 

Here are just a FEW of the ways we’ll reward your efforts, even though the BEST reward is watching your kids’ smiling faces at the dinner table:

  • Instant Pot Air Fryer combo ($150 value)
  • GX Sciences Developmental Genetic Panel & Individual results session ($549 value)
  • Gold Level membership to Positive Parenting Solutions ($299)
  • 1-hour Nutritional Therapy + Eating Styles Assessment with Just Take a Bite ($150 value)
  • ECOlunchboxes gear, 3rd Rock Essentials sunscreen, Mary Ruth's probiotics, cookbooks, food samples, supplements and more!

What You Get in This Free Challenge

Listen - I’ve heard from literally 1000s of parents over the years about their challenges at the dinner table, and I’ve distilled it down to the essential FIVE habits your household needs to solve the picky eating frustrations. 

Join the Challenge today!
Join the Challenge today!

Here’s how this will work: 

  • Go from frustrated to empowered in just 5 days
  • Invest 20 minutes a day to attend live (or catch the replay) and make ONE TINY CHANGE every day (Saturday and Sunday off)
  • Watch in amazement as power struggles at the table dissipate 
  • Expect that your children -- even highly selective eaters -- will make at least one measurable improvement during the week, one step (or many!) closer to expanding the number of foods they’re open to
  • Feel confident in HOW you serve foods and the words to use to create more safety feelings in your kids’ brains
  • The magic of setting the right HABITS around eating and food that make ALL the difference

Imagine the feeling of watching your kids eat a healthy meal…

...of hearing, “Thanks, Mom!” instead of “Ew!”