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  • Wednesday, January 6th at 2:00 pm Eastern Time
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During the holiday season, social media is full of proud moms sharing pics of holiday baking with kids...but what about the rest of the year? They won't be able to live on cookies. 

This is NOT "just another Zoom call" to suffer through. Super interactive AND get your show-up gift when you attend live, and if you watch the replay...1.5x speed, efficiency at its best! ;)

SUPERCHARGE your time in the kitchen with brain science! Learn how to vault your kids beyond into REAL cooking - this presentation will make it a stress-free experience!

What Moms Are Saying About The Free Event

  •  “This is putting to words what I've been trying to do for years.” -- Sara
  • “This really helped me get the confidence to get started with my kids and how important this will be for developing confidence in my girls, which my youngest daughter really needs.” -- Shavon
Katie Kimball speaking to moms group
  • “I'm excited to create a plan and be more intentional with my kids, instead of just having all of them pour and stir.” -- Kierann

What You'll Learn When You Attend:

(you'll be able to put some of this into action IMMEDIATELY!)

  • The Biggest Mistake Parents Make (when inviting their kids into the kitchen)...and how to avoid it. 
  • 3-Step Process to Teach Kids ANYTHING (and apply it in the kitchen)
  • What brain science says about HOW to Motivate Kids to Help Out (and eat more healthy food, too!)
  • What Skills are Perfect for Your Child’s Age, Including When to Start Knives
  • How to Start (and supercharge) the "Confidence-Competence" Loop Discovered by Psychologists for your Kids
  • The Kids Cook Real Food system for helping little ones who can’t read truly make recipes on their own - this one is like magic!
  • How to Build Connection, Confidence and Creativity in your Kids - for Life!

AND when you come in person, you'll get a sweeeeeet gift!!

Totally free one-hour live online event!

(I'm not supposed to tell you this, but hey - you're a busy parent. This will be recorded and I'll share the replay with registrants. Shhhh....)

  • Tuesday, November 10th at 7:00pm Eastern / 4:00pm Pacific
Katie Kimball, CSME

Katie Kimball 

  • Katie is a teacher and mom of 4 kids (who actually eat their veggies), and she has been helping people eat healthy food without losing their minds since 2009.  
  • She'll apply the same teaching strategies in THIS free class to make it easy and fun for adults to learn strategies to get their kids in the kitchen without losing their minds. ;) 
  • She has a knack for making it easy and fun for kids, and over 17,000 families from around the world are finding the joy of cooking together through her classes and news media appearances.